Announcement of Second Edition

At the time of his death in December 2000, Herman Feshbach had almost completed a substantial revision to Methods of Theoretical Physics. We are pleased to announce that Dover Publications will be publishing this second edition in February 2019. Pre-orders are being accepted on Amazon: Part I Part II

Feshbach Publishing will continue to sell the first edition for the next several months.

Methods of Theoretical Physics

To order Methods of Theoretical Physics by Morse and Feshbach or to see the topics covered please follow the link below.

Methods of Theoretical Physics I

Methods of Theoretical Physics II


One set of Methods of Theoretical Physics $189

Parts I,II
ISBN 0976202123

This is a first rate hardcover reprinting, which was printed in England for Feshbach Publishing by Cambridge University Press, using their highest standards. These books are truly a pleasure to use.

Each volume is about 1000 pages long.

From a 2011 Scientific Programming review:

"... should still be atop the ... bookshelves of every mathematical physicist .... magnificent treatise...enough mathematical material to enable the reader to grasp the connections between the disparate theoretical methods of physics. No other book can claim that..."

Invaluable Resource

These books provide a much deeper introduction to theoretical physics than the standard textbooks in use today. If you are a serious student or researcher in physics you will find these books to be invaluable resources. Many famous physicists learned much of their mathematics from "Morse and Feshbach" and have referred to it throughout their careers.

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Some comments:

... For many years I kept on my desk your two main books which are so useful for anyone who is involved in nuclear or mathematical physics ...

Andrei Sakharov

... "Methods of Theoretical Physics", coauthored with Philip Morse, is both an instructional masterpiece and a practical handbook ...

Frank Press, former President National Academy of Sciences